Rebecca Heap

Curriculum Vitae

1994 M.Hort.Sc (Hons) - Massey University, Palmerston North

1998 Diploma in High School Teaching - Auckland College of Education

2004-06 Diploma in Glass Production and Design - Wanganui Ucol

2006 Glass Term Pukeberg Design School, Univerity of Kalmar, Sweden

2007-8 Apprentice to Micke Johann Konstglass, Sweden

2009-10 International Programme - Riksglasskolan Orrefors, Sweden

Qualifications and Education

Short Courses

2010 Blown Beads with Igor Balbi, Abate Zanatti, Murano, Italy

2013 Tyler Rock and Julia Reimer, Chronicle Glass Wanganui

2014 Printing on Glass with Jeffrey Sarmiento, Wanganui Ucol

Employment in Glass

2004-6  Tutor in glass bead making  Wanganui Collegiate School

2009-10  Part time cold shop tutor Riksglasskolan Orrefors

2010  Blow your own bowl workshop, Orrefors Glassbruk

2010-11 Full time cold shop tutor Riksglasskolan, Orrefors

2011 - full time self employed designer-maker

Related Activities

2012 -14 Term, President New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass

2014 TA to April Surgent, (Seattle) Art Station Ponsonby, Auckland

2015 - NZSAG sub-committee Pah Homestead Annual Exhibition